What is Dimgba?

Dimgba is a new service tailored for businesses and brand owners to provides them with quality technology, media, and insight to grow their brands and maximize profit.

What is Vantage?

Vantage is our website development service for brands. With Vantage, any brand can afford to have a personal space to call home on the internet, and enjoy the same benefits other big brands enjoy, such as increased visibility and customer trust. Learn more about Vantage here.

What is BalanceDiet?

BalanceDiet is the monthly premium-content newsletter we write to all brands who use our services. It provides research, ideas, and knowledge on how to push your brand forward in this digital era.

Why should I use Dimgba instead of hiring web developers, etc?

We created Dimgba to be the smart choice for brands who do not want the headache of trying to manage unresponsive developers, designers, etc. Also, by using Dimgba, you are sure that you are protected from scammers who pose as genuine developers, and you get quality work delivered efficiently, every single time. Also, using Dimgba opens you up to other benefits, such as huge financial savings from hiring less developers, efficient project scheduling, great customer support, and our special freebies we give all our customers like free consultancy and our BalanceDiet newsletter.

Can payment be done in installments?

Yes! Of course. The bigger, one-time payments can be done in installments and spread throughout the duration of the work. for more info about paying installments, please contact support.