“The plan that is like hiring five really good web developers for less than the price of one, avoiding the bad eggs, enjoying incredible efficiency, and getting unrivaled support and maintenance on your brand website.”

Get started from as low as $199

($140 one-time development cost + $60 per year)*

Have your brand on the internet.

Be unmistakable. Be proactive. Get all the advantages of having a business that is smartly represented online. No hidden charges! Here is everything you get.

You don't have to think about it.

Peace of mind is part of what we offer you. No more dilly-dallying with developers. Just tell us what you want and relax!

All the great benefits of Dimgba attached.

Vantage also comes with all the benefits Dimgba gives brands, like the BalanceDiet newsletter for brand growth, free consultancy, and great bonuses!

Website features
High-end web 3.0 fluid UI/UX.
International accessibility rules compliant (for the visually impaired).
Color contrast ratio and typography rules compliant.
Advanced website security and DDoS protection.
High end backend security against hackers and vulnerabilities.
Customized emails.
Secure cloud backups.
Data transfer optimization.
Server optimization for speed and reliability (zero downtimes).
Social media integration.
Advanced Search Engine Optimization.
Advanced Analytics.
Dimgba features included
BalanceDiet newsletter.
Priority support and maintenance.
Pro business advisory.

Whether you own a business or you manage one, Dimgba Vantage provides the best way for you to own and run a website for your brand. It offers you a beautiful, functional website built by the best developers, maintained by standards, and protected from hackers.

We understand that it is not just about the website. It is also about the well-being of you and your brand. This is why Vantage makes sure that you do not need to worry at all about the project, with dependable timelines, superior customer support, and access to BalanceDiet; a newsletter carefully curated to help your business grow.

Who is Vantage for?

Vantage is for:

  • business owners,
  • business managers,
  • non-profits, etc.

who find the traditional way of hiring developers to be too risky or inconsistent, and need smart a smart way to run a brand website.

How it happens.

After subscription, we collect information about your brand, and deliver your website in two weeks. It is that simple.


In Vantage, you pay a super-affordable rate of ₦20,000 every year, plus a single onboarding fee of ₦60,000 for the cost of development. That is, ₦80,000 initially, and ₦20,000 annually thereafter.

Join Vantage now.

(includes one-time development fee + a full year subscription)
What is Vantage?

Vantage is our website development service for brands. With Vantage, any brand can afford to have a personal space to call home on the internet, and enjoy the same benefits other big brands enjoy, such as increased visibility and customer trust. Learn more about Vantage here.

What is BalanceDiet?

BalanceDiet is the monthly premium-content newsletter we write to all brands who use our services. It provides research, ideas, and knowledge on how to push your brand forward in this digital era.

Why should I use Vantage instead of hiring web developers, etc?

We created Vantage to be the smart choice for brands who do not want the headache of trying to manage unresponsive developers, designers, etc. Also, by usingVantage, you are sure that you are protected from scammers who pose as genuine developers, and you get quality work delivered efficiently, every single time. Also, by using Vantage, you get  other benefits, such as huge financial savings from hiring less developers, efficient project scheduling, great customer support, and our special freebies we give all our customers like free consultancy and our BalanceDiet newsletter.

Can payment be done in installments?

Yes! Of course. The bigger payments can be done in installments and spread throughout the duration of the work. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our support.

What happens when I subscribe?

After subscription, our programmers set out to work on your website. This build process usually takes two weeks, depending on the complexity of the website. We will constantly communicate with you throughout the process.

Why do I have to pay a development fee?

You pay our really affordable development fee only once, and it covers the cost of developing the website.

What happens with my subscription?

Your yearly subscription is used to buy/renew your domain name (, hosting (servers that store your website), and fund website security/maintenance.

Join Vantage now.

(includes one-time development fee + a full year subscription)